Who is Mr Speaker?

Ooops. I accidently went and won WebJam 2 with little more than a handful of Web Sequins. Sorry about that! Well, what's done is done; just be sure to carefully consider your voting choices in the future. When I'm a bit more sober I'll get a write-up up here. Is that right? write-up up?

In the interim, such notoriety is likely to drive hordes of intrigued web nerds this way, so perhaps I should provide you all with a quick-start guide to the magical journey of Mr Speaker: The blog.

Now... I do try to make every post informative and mesmerising, but mostly they just turn out frivolously irrelevant. There have been very few highlights over the years. Here they are:

Hacking Windows Pinball
A cool cheat mode I found buried in the Windows Pinball code, along with a helpful guide for figuring this stuff out for yourself - an introduction to reverse engineering.

The Fonz uses AJAX to spy on you
Oooh... controversial stuff here! Well, not that bad, but at least it includes a damn sweet text adventure game to illustrate a point!

Beer o'clock - the Firefox extension.
A popular Firefox extension for counting down the minutes/work-in-progress-meetings/Simpsons' quotes until that delightful beer o'clock.

Air CSS Battle
Using the same technique as my award-winning sequin, here is a DOM scripted version of the Atari 2600 classic - Air Sea Battle

Kentucky Fried Chicken Feen
Quite possibly the greatest food known to man. As invented by me.

Ok, maybe there are a few more nuggets to be found around here. I dare you to dig them up.