Yearly Archives: 2007

Oi, Sharkie…

What’s your email address Sharkie?! Far out….

Let’s get ‘pataphysical

Send an email to with a subject line that begins with sms (and a space), and the remainder of the subject line will be delivered to my mobile phone as a text message. Go on… give it a try… Yep, it worked. Pretty nifty hey? Ok, Ok, just one message is fine, thanks. Jeeez. […]

The Secret Life of The Secret Life Of

While flicking casually through various shoutcast TV streams today, I came to focus my attention on an old documentary about computers, or offices, or machines, or office workers, or computerised office workers, or something. It was pretty good. Anyhoo, I think it was called “The Secret Life of Offices”, or “The Secret Life of Computerised […]

Little animated-gif indicator AJAX thingos

I’ve mentioned “spinner” on this page a bunch of times – I hope that’s what they are called… “little animated-gif indicator AJAX thingos” doesn’t sound quite right. Anyway, just thought I’d mention this “issue” I’ve noticed quite a bit with people implementing spinners like so: Load spinner image in HTML When AJAX procedure completes, use […]

WallBot: The Post-Modern Prometheus

Talented people. God I hate them. How dare they sit around making our meagre accomplishments look meagre? Well, they dare. They dare. Case in point: Graffiti Wall for Facebook. It provides you with a skeleton tool set – a colour picker, a brush size selector, an opacity selector, and 152592 pixels on which to use […]


Ahh, Three-Letter Acronyms: Time savers, confusion makers, sources of eternal annoyance. TLAs make managers feel competent, and let imaginative people enter rude words on high-score tables. But what makes a great TLA? What makes one stick? Why does BPM roll off the tongue, while QWJ makes you feel a bit sick? In an effort to […]

APEC Sound System

Awwww yeeeeaahh booooooyyy… APEC Sound System in full effect – Asia-Pacific Economic Crew gunna rock it! A week of Sydney tour dates, culminating in a massive heads-of-state break-off in full gang colours. Should be awesome! As part of the tour Mix-Master Johnny H has organised for a banging sound system to be set up throughout […]

Vertical Selecting

Here’s a helpful little mouse-wielding tip for all you Windows users out there (Oops, “mouse” and “Windows” – there goes my geek cred.)… Did you know that you can vertically select text in some programs? Well you can, with the power of ALT + mouse! Selecting text with a mouse is a very important computer-user […]

Circuit Bending

Possession of low-voltage consumer electronics. A love of very noisy things. A do-it-yourself aesthetic – Do you possess these items and/or attributes? Then come join the Circuit Bending hoedown! It’s disturbing and easy! Here’s the how and why (no, actually, the how and what)… Circuit Bending is the art of messing with the electronics inside […]