Yearly Archives: 2006

The End of XBM as we know it

Microsoft killed the scripted XBM image. (Okay, so it was a while ago). May it rest in peace.

Talking Boony Lives!

And Talking Boony rose – and there was much rejoicing

Technical Difficulties and Brain Surgery

Sorry about the wierdness around here folks… I’ve been away for a spot of brain surgery. The craniotomy so far has not given me any of the special gifts promised by trepanning. I’ll keep a third eye on it though. In other Mr Speaker news, while I was gone my hosting provider (smartyhost) decided to […]

Boon From Beyond The Grave

Talking Boony is back! We’ll show you how to keep him alive FOREVER!

Client-Side Image Replacement

Client-side image replacement is a technique to dynamically “render” text elements as images without CPU intensive server-side processing. Viewing a page without style sheets will display the original tag text.

A Boon To Mankind

The Boon Is Over. But we’ll never forget.

Reverse Boonjaneering

Hacking Talking Boony – saving the Boon through reverse Boonjaneering.

The fantastical DHTML angle-scroller!

Hot on the trail of the stupid poppy images comes “Tacky DHTML web tricks #2 – The fantastical DHTML angle-scroller!” Scrolling messages never looked so slanty.

Talking Boony

Quite possibly the best marketing gimmick…EVER! A talking David Boone figure that reacts to TV! What makes it work? Lets check it out!