Technical Difficulties and Brain Surgery

my brainSorry about the wierdness around here folks... I've been away for a spot of brain surgery. The craniotomy so far has not given me any of the special gifts promised by trepanning. I'll keep a third eye on it though.

In other Mr Speaker news, while I was gone my hosting provider (smartyhost) decided to pull some wizardry of incompetence on my site. It's kind of back and runnin' now, but I think I've lost a whole swag of comments from you lot. So, you'll just have to say something else to make up for it.

Update... no, not up and running. Even more dodgy-ness from my provider.

Update on the updates: HALLELUJAH!!!! Well, it only took two weeks of constant nagging and insisting that things were broken... but it's back! Sorry bout the down time...