Yearly Archives: 2006

My Life – In Computer Years

Nothing like a major milestone to throw you into a whirl of nostalgic self-reflection. Today I’m 30. 30 years old. Here is a very nerdy retrospective of the computers that made up my life…

When is a dead pixel not a dead pixel?

What is the collective term for pixels? I dunno, but here is a simple post explaining how many dead pixels constitutes a broken monitor.

Javascript Hexadecimal Helpers

Hexadecimal sure comes in handy sometimes. Like, say, um, if you wanted to know why there was some of the alphabet on your scientific calculator for example. Here are a couple of javascript objects to help you out with some hexadecimal byte conversion.

Formalised System For Beer Re-distribution

Epiphanic moments of genius are relatively rare. Especially for me. That’s why I was kind of surprised to have one last Saturday night. Here is a revolutionary step-by-step guide to the Formalised System Of Beer Re-distribution.

Line Rider File Format

A half-arsed post detailing the reverse engineerisation of the Line Rider shared object file format.

Death of Australian Media

Death of Australian Media

Visual Studio Tab Un-stupidifier Macro

Visual Studio Tab Un-stupidifier Macro – a macro to make tabs cycle in a normal way. bloody heck.

Read-Only Live Clipboard

A very simple Read-Only version of Ray Ozzie’s Live Clipboard for Microformats – For those times when you just don’t need to paste.

Iran takes news of Irwin’s death badly

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting the harsh reaction of Iran apparently after learning of Steve Irwin’s death yesterday.