Yearly Archives: 2005

Kentucky Fried Chicken Feet

The third part of this in-depth look at the fascinating world of meat created in it’s own image. This episode: Kentucky Fried Chicken Feet.

Oil Watch – revisited

with oil prices getting up over $60 a barrel, I figure its time to have another look around at what’s going down in the Peak Oil circles, and contemplate its impact on Mr Speaker vistorship.

Life imitates meat – “Bake”

The second part in an in-depth look into the fascinating world of meat created in it’s own image. This episode reviews a contendor to Squid Chews – a bold product simply called “Bake”.

Air CSS Battle – a DHTML odyssey

Using CSS Sprites as, well, sprites. And recreating the bestest game on the Atari 2600: Air Sea Battle.

Greasemonkeying around

Practical jokin’ with GreaseMonkey – adding you’re own content into co-workers web browsers for fun and um, just fun.

Greasemonkey and WordPress

Adding functionality to WordPress with the amazing Greasemonkey extension for Firefox.

Calculator Chicken

Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs. Windows vs. Macintosh. After a decade of intense psychological duelling, a clear winner has emerged in the ultimate operating system battle: “Calculator Chicken”.

Thought Thieves

Doubleplus good for Microsoft: Make a movie for our new Thought Police!

Beer o’clock. Beer o’clock.

A handy tool for tracking the time ’till that sweet, sweet end-of-week beer: Beer o’clock – the firefox extension