Beer o’clock. Beer o’clock.

beer oclockull time employment. The destroyer of spirits, and crusher of dreams. What is it for? Surely it serves a purpose greater than paying your taxes. For we all know that wherever dark, oppressive forces rule - the flower of nobility and art sprout through.

And for the employee, that flower takes the form of the Friday Afternoon Beer. The closest most of us will ever come to pure enlightenment.

So to ease the quotidian burdens that lay ahead, here's a handy tool for tracking your time 'till enlightenment: Beer o'clock - The Firefox extension. A little app that sits patiently, alerting you periodically, reminding you of your purpose in life. Keeping you focused. A great productivity tool.

more beer oclockHere's how it works - set your office beer oclock time and choose the frequency of notification - for example, every 2 hours. A small beer icon appears in the status bar of your browser. Every 2 hours a message is displayed next to the icon with the message "34 hours, 30 minutes 'till beer o'clock". Splendid.

To spice it up a bit, the message is not just displayed in hours and minutes, but other time-frames that may be more relevant to you and your office fellows: "15 cups of coffee 'till beer o'clock", "3500 lines of code 'till beer o'clock", "10 ridiculous questions from clients till beer o'clock". You can also add your own messages for non-stop beer/office fun.

So install the Beer oclock extension (Pre-FF2.0 version here...) now and watch those "Work-in-progress meetings" fly by.

Phew, just 1 more blog entry 'till beer o'clock...