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Happy 51th Post!

Happy 51th Post

A Still Tongue Makes A Good Citizen

The man or woman who spreads rumours helps the enemy. Rumours are often started by enemy agents who know that weaklings will repeat them. Is it too much to ask you, for Australia’s sake, to refrain from passing on these rumours? Battles can be lost and ships sunk through thoughtless chatter. Keep a still tongue in a wise head.

Tacky DHTML web tricks #1

Do you pine for the days of fullscreen textured backgrounds and over-use of the HR tag? Take it to a new level, and get your tacky DHTML tricks here.

Hello? Anybody? – A WordPress plugin

Hello? Anybody? Monitor your blog lonliness with this depressing WordPress plugin.

Where the HTML4.0 did they come from?

On some days you learn something new every day. For me, today was like 20 of those every days: HTML tags I never knew existed.

Shocking news – oil prices up!

Oil is up, which means time for another Peak-oil update. This week on Mr Speaker’s Peak-0il watch: Conspiracy Theory; what happened to the Hirsch Report?

Recipes for the handy-man.

Sage advice from the Nu-Kooka. Recipes for the EXTREME handy-man.

Jolly Good Cricket: Methods of Dismissal

Jolly Good Cricket: Learning the finer and points of the greatest game in some small parts of the world.

Compiling interop dlls for SMTP sinks

Compiling Exchange interop dlls for SMTP sinks