Fetching things with File Fisher

bluefishFinally got around to "finishing" this FireFox extension. I called it "FileFisher" and only just realised what a crappy name it is. Hopefully that'll get an upgrade in the next version... Anyhoo, FileFisher is a tool to download photos that your friends have been too lazy to meaningfully rename before they stuck them on the web. You use it anytime you realise that the file names you want have an obvious sequence - like image01.jpg, image02.jpg, image03.jpg... image50.jpg etc etc..

Click on the first image and load it into a browser tab. Now start FileFisher from the tools menu. You will see the current URL in the top bar of FileFisher, and many wierd options below it... What we are going to do is swap the "sequence number" part of the URL for our token.... so if the URL in FileFisher is "http://www.allThesesImages.com/media/image01.jpg" manually change the "image01.jpg" to read "imageAA.jpg".

fishfisherThen set the numbers you want to try and grab... so, say you want to grab image1.jpg through to image99.jpg, put "1" in the start field, and "99" in the end field. Choose your download directory and "go fish". The AA bit will be substituted with each number in turn, and the files downloaded.

It works with any file type - but for zip, wav and other filetypes that download rather than displaying in the browser, you'll need to paste the URL directly into FileFisher. Filefisher has a couple of other tricks up it's sleeve too, but you can read all about them in the Help.

Theres heaps planned for the next version, but I have a very short attention span and it's amazing it got as polished as it is now. As it stands, the program is filled with bugs and strange behaviour so let me know what interesting and wonderful problems you find.

So get crackin' and install FileFisher v0.4 (for Firefox 2.0.* and below)