Yearly Archives: 2004

Playing with food

Nutrigrain E.T, and Statle and Waldorf wasabi-peas. What more could you want for your birthday?

What’s that VBScript Object?

Need to test for the existance of a VBScript object? Need to know what kind of object it is? Read on!

Fetching things with File Fisher

Fetching things with File Fisher

The Old Lady and the handdrier machine

The old lady and the magpies Google may have noticed that I recently deleted a whole swag of posts from this blog. The posts were all titled “The old woman at the bus stop who I cycle past everyday said:” and the body of the posts contained a (usually one sentance) transcript of what the […]

Track: The Young And The Wrestlers

Mr Speaker presents: The Young And The Wrestlers.

Javascript. The demon of space.

DHTML “game” I started writing.

Track: Non-breaking space

Mr Speaker presents: Non-breaking space.

Be the moderator you want to be.

Firefox extension for slashdot.

Track: Nightsoil

Mr Speaker presents: Nightsoil. An awfully lovely synthy clicky thing.